Levi's wearable technology

Levi’s become the latest brand to embrace wearable technology

The latest wave of wearable technology is about to embrace classic American style as Google I/O 2015 announce its exclusive partnership with Levi’s to launch wearable clothing technology next year. Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects team have designed a brand new type of yarn which is”conductive” and so can be woven into fabrics. They are referring to this new material as “Jacquard.” Continue reading


Wearable technology becomes a minimalist bag

The wearable fashion trend continues to make its way into the fashion industry and this latest ‘HiSmart’ bag by lepow is no exception. Continue reading

Fitbit Tory burch

How can Fitbit reduce the number of their device drop off rates by building on key areas missed following their recent collaboration with Tory Burch?

From a longevity point of view, figures from a study carried out by Endeavour Partners show the alarming rate at which current consumers of Fitbit’s wearable devices drop off in the first 6 months with over third of individuals choosing to no longer use it. These people who were once motivated spend their money on Fitbit’s devises have found the product to be lacking in on-going considerations, in effect, the novelty wore off. Fitbit’s consumers are failing to find the value in such designs which could be resolved by focusing on 2 key areas more extensively;

  • Integrated their device in to their consumer’s daily routine.
  • Using the right materials so the device is fashionable, allows for the technology and is perceived to be worth its cost.

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Will.i.am dips his toes in the wearable water

Will.i.am is set to launch his first piece of wearable technology that could be a strong competitor for Apple’s watch. The Puls smart watch is due to go on sale later this year and features special edition designs created by award winning architect Zaha Hadid. Continue reading

Is the wearable technology trend starting to take off?

Hot on the heels of the wearable technology trend that’s continuing to emerge is Opening Ceremony’s MICA bracelet. Unveiled at New York Fashion Week it follows the likes of Rebecca Minkoff, Apple and Tory Burch into the exciting world of stylish digital devices.

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Is the wearable technology trend about to take off?

New York fashion week has continued to show that the emerging trend for beautiful yet functionally design is the future. Though this is not something I believe will hit the mass markets for some time the fact that the fashion industry is slowly becoming so involved in wearable technology is a sign that things are changing. Continue reading

New York fashion week begins

Being in the heart of the big city ready for New York’s fashion week, I am excited to see what direction the new collections will take and what stand out trends will be showcased. One of the areas I’m most intrigued by is the developing trend for a fusion between fashion and technology. Continue reading