Volumental’s fascinating future of shoes

The future of shoe shopping looks set to change. The lines between technology and fashion continue to blur and the latest technology could be set to transform the world of shoes. Imagine a future where you enter a shoe shop and the retailer already knows your exact size. No more trying on dozens of shoes to find the right pair, sounds good to me! Continue reading

sneaker designs

Now everyone can design a pair of sneakers

For all those aspiring shoe designers out there there will soon be the perfect platform to showcase your ideas and talent. Pensole Footwear Design Academy and Rooy have just secured $4 million to build a new platform that will allow budding designers to showcase their ideas as well as receiving free education.

It’s Quirky for sneakers
– Pensole founder D’Wayne Edwards and former design director for Nike’s Air Jordan brand

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Rio's favelas

Are Rio’s favelas inspiring fashion and design?

The Favelas of Rio are known world wide for their vibrant patchwork of colours, materials and designs. The ad-hoc builds and shelters which are built out of scraps of wood, mud, sand, bricks and stones in the hills and on the fringes of urban expansion are trickling through as inspiration for designers across the board. Continue reading

High-top designs from [back to] the future

When Marty McFly was transported from 1985 to the futuristic 2015 in Back to the Future II he gave us a glimpse of how fantastic this world could be with hover boards, flying cars and lace up shoes. Whilst hover boards and flying cars are not quite a reality the self-lacing shoes could soon be brought to life by Nike. Continue reading


Legends of the fall

Rodger Federer and Michael Jordan have lots in common. Both are icons who are considered the greatest ever to grace their respective sports. Both superstars have also made their living gliding across their respective courts steamrolling all in front of them. Continue reading

PUMA’s packaging design knows the score

Love them or hate them the PUMA tricks have dominated the World cup in the same way Maradona once did. The different coloured boots have been a topic of conversation for even the most anti-fashion person but the packaging by everyone associates is surely something everyone can appreciate.

Whether you agree with the look you have to love the clever packaging which reflects the boot design perfectly whilst displaying the product to its full potential.

PUMA packaging

I would happily buy any shoe that was so beautifully presented…