sneaker designs

Now everyone can design a pair of sneakers

For all those aspiring shoe designers out there there will soon be the perfect platform to showcase your ideas and talent. Pensole Footwear Design Academy and Rooy have just secured $4 million to build a new platform that will allow budding designers to showcase their ideas as well as receiving free education.

It’s Quirky for sneakers
– Pensole founder D’Wayne Edwards and former design director for Nike’s Air Jordan brand

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Rio's favelas

Are Rio’s favelas inspiring fashion and design?

The Favelas of Rio are known world wide for their vibrant patchwork of colours, materials and designs. The ad-hoc builds and shelters which are built out of scraps of wood, mud, sand, bricks and stones in the hills and on the fringes of urban expansion are trickling through as inspiration for designers across the board. Continue reading


Perfect Packaging

Gone are the days of boring packaging, great packaging needs to stand out on the shelves and grab the attention of the consumer. Here are 5 examples of products that do just that and show how truly innovative and exciting packaging design can be. Continue reading

Fitbit Tory burch

How can Fitbit reduce the number of their device drop off rates by building on key areas missed following their recent collaboration with Tory Burch?

From a longevity point of view, figures from a study carried out by Endeavour Partners show the alarming rate at which current consumers of Fitbit’s wearable devices drop off in the first 6 months with over third of individuals choosing to no longer use it. These people who were once motivated spend their money on Fitbit’s devises have found the product to be lacking in on-going considerations, in effect, the novelty wore off. Fitbit’s consumers are failing to find the value in such designs which could be resolved by focusing on 2 key areas more extensively;

  • Integrated their device in to their consumer’s daily routine.
  • Using the right materials so the device is fashionable, allows for the technology and is perceived to be worth its cost.

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The 3D future of fashion

Rotterdam designer Martijn van Strien has created his own label and its first collection plays with laser cut unisex garments. Continue reading

Great design for a great cause

Modern furniture retailer Regency Shop have created a range of one-of-a-kind custom designed chairs for breast cancer awareness month. They encourage everyone to show their support and offer the opportunity to win their fabulous chairs which will brighten up any room. Continue reading

London Fashion Week’s fashionable lunch

London fashion week looks to be full of surprises and its latest quirky creation is a designer bag that doubles up as a lunchbox making food that little more fashionable. Continue reading