The Art of storytelling

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend a talk by the sensational Robert Wong, co-founder and Chief creative officer of Google Creative Lab. He spoke candidly about his dislike of technology and design yet made the point that when both are done well they don’t feel like technology or design instead they feel easy, intuitive and in a sense go unnoticed. Continue reading


What is the most innovative product of our lifetime?

Today I was asked what I believed to be the idea that has most changed our lifetime and why? A challenging question, made more so by the constraints of a 250 word limit, yet when I started to think about the question, it became clear what innovation stood out to me. Here are my thoughts; Continue reading

Google Ara

Create your ideal phone with Google

The Google Ara, designed for Google by New Deal Design, uses a ‘build-your-own’ concept to create something truly unique and individual, giving the user the perfect phone for them. Continue reading