3d printing of clothes

Electrolooms 3D fabrics

3D printing will in future be a part of everyday life and we could potential be using it to create anything we need. Electroloom are taking real steps towards this future vision as it was designed to create 3D fabrics in the same way you can now print everyday objects without the need for sewing. Continue reading

Ralph Lauren Parsons

Ralph Lauren talks to us, Parsons students

Iconic American fashion powerhouse, Ralph Lauren gave an inspiring talk at Parsons as part of the ‘At Parsons Table’ talks with by Paul Goldberger and I was lucky enough to see him speak.

Ralph Lauren is a huge name in fashion design and seems fashion line embody the wholesome American image which many aspire to worldwide. When he walked on stage at the auditorium he was wearing a brown suede fringed jacket, worn jeans, walking boots, a white polo shirt and a heavy metal belt. He exuded the exact style that thousands try to emulate in wearing his clothes.

Stay in the and believe in yourself
– Ralph Lauren speaking at Parsons 

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Volumental’s fascinating future of shoes

The future of shoe shopping looks set to change. The lines between technology and fashion continue to blur and the latest technology could be set to transform the world of shoes. Imagine a future where you enter a shoe shop and the retailer already knows your exact size. No more trying on dozens of shoes to find the right pair, sounds good to me! Continue reading

Wearable technology becomes a minimalist bag

The wearable fashion trend continues to make its way into the fashion industry and this latest ‘HiSmart’ bag by lepow is no exception. Continue reading

Dior fashion

‘Dior and I’ show the real world of fashion

Dior and I is a behind-the-scenes fashion documentary set to be released in April in the US which shows the fascinating world of the Christian Dior fashion house focusing on Raf Simons’ first haute couture collection. It beautifully demonstrates the everyday pressures of fashion and creativity.

This documentary shows the trials and tribulations of a creative designer during the most intense and chaotics times of the fashion world. It follows the sudden departure of Galliano and how newly appointed creative director Raf Simons must step up and create a couture collection in just 8 weeks. Continue reading

Rio's favelas

Are Rio’s favelas inspiring fashion and design?

The Favelas of Rio are known world wide for their vibrant patchwork of colours, materials and designs. The ad-hoc builds and shelters which are built out of scraps of wood, mud, sand, bricks and stones in the hills and on the fringes of urban expansion are trickling through as inspiration for designers across the board. Continue reading

NYFW street style predictions for Fall 2015

New York fashion week has been in full flow with throngs of models and designers hitting the catwalk with their latest Fall collection. There were many exciting and extraordinary outfits on display but here is a selection of items that I think will be seen on the street by the Fall. Continue reading