Design thinking

What is design thinking?

As part of my Masters degree in Strategic Design and Management at Parsons we constantly use the process of design thinking. When starting classes we heard a lot of buzz words or phrases to explain this process, it uses a range of ‘research methods’, it ‘uses ideation processes’, it ‘uses theoretical frameworks’ and ‘it helps us to identify areas of opportunity’. I needed this explaining in simple English so here is how I’d explain it to my younger self on my first day of university. Continue reading

Embrace designs for Gain Theory

Gain Theory Embrace great design

Last year the company Embrace caught my eye with their imaginative logo re-design for Satro and they have once again shown what great branding can look like. 



Brand and digital agency Embrace have created the brand identity and strategy for new marketing analytics company Gain Theory. The creative director talks about how they use Design Thinking (a process we follow in my Masters at Parsons) to create this transformative new look.

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design thinking workshop

Can Design Thinking exist in my world outside University?

Workshopping is a process that we are constantly encourage to do as part of design thinking in my Strategic design and management degree at Parsons. I enjoy participating in these process, I find filling a board full of colourful post-its extremely therapeutic but in entering back in to the world of academia after 7 years in the web design industry I had to question if these methods could work in the REAL world? My world?


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