Levi's wearable technology

Levi’s become the latest brand to embrace wearable technology

The latest wave of wearable technology is about to embrace classic American style as Google I/O 2015 announce its exclusive partnership with Levi’s to launch wearable clothing technology next year. Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects team have designed a brand new type of yarn which is”conductive” and so can be woven into fabrics. They are referring to this new material as “Jacquard.” Continue reading


Wearable technology becomes a minimalist bag

The wearable fashion trend continues to make its way into the fashion industry and this latest ‘HiSmart’ bag by lepow is no exception. Continue reading

Britain photography

Britain’s favourite piece of design

In today’s modern world of gadgets and smart phones it is fabulous to see that when it comes to voting for the best ever piece of British design there is an element of nostalgia. The classic British telephone boxes, which are slowly dying out across the country due to smart phones, have been voted the number one best British design beating off competition such as the Spitfire, the London Underground map and Concorde.

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Why McNulty believes the Apple Watch is mostly a fashion accessory

Martin McNulty believes that the Apple watch is  a poor product that doesn’t feel like something Steve jobs would create. What’s more he suggests that the watch will be more of a fashion accessory or vanity product than a useful piece of technology shown by its future appearance in Vogue’s September issue.

If he is indeed right about this product being more in the fashion world then will the average fashion lover really be willing to pay $300 for a fashion accessory that is neither creative nor fashion forward in its design. It is beautifully crafted, that isn’t in question, but is it cutting edge enough to truly embrace the fashion angle, only time will tell…

New York Natural History Museum

Nature’s own design

After a trip to the Butterfly Conservatory at the American museum of Natural History this weekend, I was blown away by the true beauty of nature. As a designer I couldn’t help but be I pressed by the complexity of the design of the butterfly and understand now why fashion and technology are looking to these beautiful creatures for inspiration.

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sneaker designs

Now everyone can design a pair of sneakers

For all those aspiring shoe designers out there there will soon be the perfect platform to showcase your ideas and talent. Pensole Footwear Design Academy and Rooy have just secured $4 million to build a new platform that will allow budding designers to showcase their ideas as well as receiving free education.

It’s Quirky for sneakers
– Pensole founder D’Wayne Edwards and former design director for Nike’s Air Jordan brand

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Rio's favelas

Are Rio’s favelas inspiring fashion and design?

The Favelas of Rio are known world wide for their vibrant patchwork of colours, materials and designs. The ad-hoc builds and shelters which are built out of scraps of wood, mud, sand, bricks and stones in the hills and on the fringes of urban expansion are trickling through as inspiration for designers across the board. Continue reading