Embrace designs for Gain Theory

Gain Theory Embrace great design

Last year the company Embrace caught my eye with their imaginative logo re-design for Satro and they have once again shown what great branding can look like. 



Brand and digital agency Embrace have created the brand identity and strategy for new marketing analytics company Gain Theory. The creative director talks about how they use Design Thinking (a process we follow in my Masters at Parsons) to create this transformative new look.

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Perfect Packaging

Gone are the days of boring packaging, great packaging needs to stand out on the shelves and grab the attention of the consumer. Here are 5 examples of products that do just that and show how truly innovative and exciting packaging design can be. Continue reading

Could social media save Italian football?

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Imitation is the highest form of flattery…

IKEA Singapore have shown that their marketing team have a sense of humour with the release of their latest advert for their 2015 catalogue that introduces the revolutionary new concept of the bookbook™. ‘Not an ebook, or a digital book. A bookbook™.’ Continue reading


Legends of the fall

Rodger Federer and Michael Jordan have lots in common. Both are icons who are considered the greatest ever to grace their respective sports. Both superstars have also made their living gliding across their respective courts steamrolling all in front of them. Continue reading

Delicious restaurant delivers on design

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