High Line

New York’s High Line a top tourist spot

Manhattan’s High Line is a public park like no other. It was once an elevated railroad where New York freight trains would whistle by over the heads of Manhattan pedestrians. Where the trains once ran, from Chelsea to the Meatpacking District, now throngs of joggers, students, tourists and walkers enjoy what has become one of New York’s top visitor attractions. So how did this once dilapidated railroad replace attractions like the Statue of Liberty to become one of the most popular landmarks the city has to offer?



As you walk along this steely structure you are offered stunning views of Midtowns towering skyscrapers and the vast Hudson River.


It is the perfect blend of industrial and nature as the once rusty rail is overrun with beautiful wildflowers that feel more real than the perfectly manicured greens of Central Park.



Space is expensive in Manhattan so what the High Line does is offer everyone their own piece of a rooftop garden where we can meander, sit and relax, or watch art performances depending on our mood. It’s the perfect piece of urban design to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon.


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