3d printing of clothes

Electrolooms 3D fabrics

3D printing will in future be a part of everyday life and we could potential be using it to create anything we need. Electroloom are taking real steps towards this future vision as it was designed to create 3D fabrics in the same way you can now print everyday objects without the need for sewing. Though the designs themselves may be basic they are designed specifically for the way the wearer wants to wear them and are a step towards what the future could be for tailored clothes. Firstly a “mold” is created which creates the garment’s basic shape, the way a cast does, and then this is placed inside of the Electroloom, where the clothing will take shape around the mold. When finished, it acts in the way you’d expect from a piece of clothing, with the ability to flex, drape, and fold. Retailing at $100, you can have the perfect tailored tank top or a skirt to wear as well as buying a slice of the future.


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