Volumental’s fascinating future of shoes

The future of shoe shopping looks set to change. The lines between technology and fashion continue to blur and the latest technology could be set to transform the world of shoes. Imagine a future where you enter a shoe shop and the retailer already knows your exact size. No more trying on dozens of shoes to find the right pair, sounds good to me!

Swedish firm Volumental have done just that and are revolutionising this industry in such a way that it could impact everything from glasses to clothes. Volumental, who have just launched a partnership with Italian shoe maker Scarosso in March, use technology that uses 3D cameras, such as Microsoft’s Kinect or Intel’s RealSense. These cameras are connected to a computer and rotate around a persons foot, creating a 3D image that shows the specific shape and size. This technology will mean that everyone can slip on a pair of shoes that feel instantly comfortable. Once your feet have been measured this information will be saved in the system for future use so people don’t need to be scanned over and over again.

This technology in the future could be used for clothes meaning anyone could have that perfectly fitting outfit without spending a fortune in the tailors. The future of shoe and clothes shopping looks very exciting!


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