Sarah Kehoe photography New York

Hello Brooklyn, how you doin’

The good weather has finally melted away the harsh winter in New York and with it comes the inevitable day trips. For my first summer in New York I decided, like hundreds of tourists do everyday, to walked across the Brooklyn bridge from Manhattan and finally got to glimpse what life is like on the other side of the Hudson.

As I walked across the bridge, past padlocks with the couples names carved into the metal, the bustle of Manhattan seemed to ebb away.


When I  arrived in Dumbo the vibe was really quite different and that small walk across a bridge seemed to slow things right down. The playful humour of Brooklyn was evident when I was greated with a sign saying ‘Welcome to Brooklyn, how sweet it is!’


The views of Manhattan were more breathtaking than I realised! The sun shone on the city and boats sailed past at a leisurely pace.


I finished the day in the perfect way by eating a delicious scoop of the Brooklyn ice cream factories’ vanilla and chocolate chip ice cream whilst sitting on the banks of the river with my gorgeous boyfriend. How sweet it is!

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