Embrace designs for Gain Theory

Gain Theory Embrace great design

Last year the company Embrace caught my eye with their imaginative logo re-design for Satro and they have once again shown what great branding can look like. 



Brand and digital agency Embrace have created the brand identity and strategy for new marketing analytics company Gain Theory. The creative director talks about how they use Design Thinking (a process we follow in my Masters at Parsons) to create this transformative new look.



Embrace conducted a series of brand workshops, in-depth competitor analysis and market research to help Gain Theory articulate its position as a global marketing foresight company. Having identified a series of pain points that were traditionally barriers to using this type of service, we wanted to create a simple, bold and evolving identity that would give marketers the confidence to make faster, smarter business decisions.
– Andrew Paterson, creative director at Embrace

 The core brand idea and concept of the five-sided portal to see into the future is reflected in the ‘i’ of Gain Theory and is used throughout the brand identity whether that is in the website, launch video or print. It’s a simple design that is beautifully executed and very effective.



Embrace continue to create innovative and engaging brands that take their audiences on an immersive experience and I look forward to seeing more from them in future.


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