design thinking workshop

Can Design Thinking exist in my world outside University?

Workshopping is a process that we are constantly encourage to do as part of design thinking in my Strategic design and management degree at Parsons. I enjoy participating in these process, I find filling a board full of colourful post-its extremely therapeutic but in entering back in to the world of academia after 7 years in the web design industry I had to question if these methods could work in the REAL world? My world?


I have worked for many years in design within a corporate environment which proves at times to be a strange mixture of creativity and business something our course is helping us to further develop. Though many of our workshop research methods such as journey maps, trends matrixs and service benchmarking prove invaluable when in the world of academia I often wonder how easy it will be for me to implement these methods into the more time restricted daily activities of a corporate web designer.


I believe design agencies, innovation leaders or consultancy firms would be thrilled to adopt these methods which really do see results and can offer real clarity on a problem or brand but how can you pursued the average business who is more worried about deliverables that helping its team a clarity of vision they don’t realise they’re lacking?


I hope, as part of my projects at University, to try and integrate these methods in to the web design and corporate environments by emulating the past situations I have been in and try to see if there are any methods I could have used and how best could they have been implemented. Most of the time it’s a case of streamlining these methods so they don’t take up as much time and help me get in to this new way of thinking.


It’s a tough procedure but I won’t let that my design thinking skills be left at university so it’s just a case of working out how to implement them in my everyday web designer role.


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