Britain photography

Britain’s favourite piece of design

In today’s modern world of gadgets and smart phones it is fabulous to see that when it comes to voting for the best ever piece of British design there is an element of nostalgia. The classic British telephone boxes, which are slowly dying out across the country due to smart phones, have been voted the number one best British design beating off competition such as the Spitfire, the London Underground map and Concorde.

Design expert Professor Catherine McDermott, director of curating contemporary design at Kingston University in London, led a panel of judges to create a longlist of great British designs, which was then put to a poll of 2,000 adults to find the 25 favourites.

London red bus St Pauls

This iconic piece of design was followed by two more traditional yet classic British icons, the Routemaster double-decker bus and the Union flag showing that good design can be timeless. I personally love them all as they are such strong pieces of design that I associate with home when living so far away but my favourite design has to be our amazing flag!


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