Dior fashion

‘Dior and I’ show the real world of fashion

Dior and I is a behind-the-scenes fashion documentary set to be released in April in the US which shows the fascinating world of the Christian Dior fashion house focusing on Raf Simons’ first haute couture collection. It beautifully demonstrates the everyday pressures of fashion and creativity.

This documentary shows the trials and tribulations of a creative designer during the most intense and chaotics times of the fashion world. It follows the sudden departure of Galliano and how newly appointed creative director Raf Simons must step up and create a couture collection in just 8 weeks.

The glamour of fashion and working in a creative industry melts away under the harsh spotlights of the runway giving a refreshingly honest look at the fashion industry.

We were interested in showing the realness of the people who actually make fashion. It takes a whole team to make a collection, it doesn’t just magically appear out of the creator’s imagination.
– Frederick Tcheng

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