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Now everyone can design a pair of sneakers

For all those aspiring shoe designers out there there will soon be the perfect platform to showcase your ideas and talent. Pensole Footwear Design Academy and Rooy have just secured $4 million to build a new platform that will allow budding designers to showcase their ideas as well as receiving free education.

It’s Quirky for sneakers
– Pensole founder D’Wayne Edwards and former design director for Nike’s Air Jordan brand

Edwards wants to create the Quirky version of sneaker design which could mean anyone, anywhere could become the next Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik. In case you aren’t familiar with Quirky, it is a popular website for inventors as it allows anyone from any background and level of experience to submit ideas for potential development, production, and marketing. Edwards founded Pensole in 2010 as a way to give designers from any walk of life access to education and this fascinating industry. His company succeeded and have graduates who work for world renowned footwear brands such as Nike.

Sneaker design

This new platform will allow designers to submit their design ideas to a web based voting stage, much like the current Quirky process. The chosen winners will then get the opportunity to work with Rooy and Pensole to develop a prototype shoe. What’s more you can then prepurchase your unique design before it’s made available for worldwide sale.

Say a designer has a great idea but does not know how the shoe can be made… We will work with them to redesign their design to make it manufacturable. We will also conduct online classes that are competitions, leading to designs being made which will increase the quality of the products generated from Rooy Inc.
– D’Wayne Edwards

sneaker design

What could be more appealing to any shoe lover, fashionista or sneaker head out there? Here is a way to design the perfect shoe just for you with the added bonus of potentially being worn by other shoe lovers out there!


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