visual note taking

Is a picture really worth a thousand words?

As part of my Masters in Strategic Design Management we talk a lot about the importance of visual note taking. It’s true a picture is worth a thousand words and as a web designer I know this yet when in meetings or lectures I write notes as listed points. When explaining an idea for a website I more often than not use words to help a person visualise this rather than sketching out what I mean. Despite being a designer visual note taking is not a part of my daily life.

Visual note taking can improve the memory, improve understanding and helps to emphasis key points so how can I make it part of my everyday life?

Both professional and academically I need to quickly take down all the key information I need so to do this as images will need practice. I need to get my sketching skills to a level where they are as quick and easy to use as my writing skills. So is this possible and where do I start?

Practice makes perfect so I’ve started with my journey to becoming a student in New York.

Visual note taking

It highlights what I thought were the key points of my last year which sometimes gets lost when I tell people about my reasons for being here.

Visual note taking

It wasn’t as quick as if I had written it down but this will improve. And having this journey illustrated before me showed me what I really cared about and helped me understand where I want to go.


So why not try it and see if your pictures are worth a thousand words?


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