Heavenly design interaction

The iPad changed the way we interact with a product and today it is all about interaction. This interaction should and can be found in the most unsuspecting places.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral Church of St. John in the Netherlands when considering yet another restoration opened up the opportunity to design 25 new Angels to look down from the heights of this old building replacing those that had been damaged over time. The Dutch designer Ton Mooy saw his opportunity to help bring the cathedral into modern times. He designed an angel who wore modern clothes, jeans to be exact, and she was glued to her mobile phone like so many of us today. This 21st century angel would be looking over a relatable modern society from her perch up above.

To little or no surprise, the initial reaction of the priests was to reject the idea, this was not the angel they or their flock would expect to see. They couldn’t have an angel on a mobile phone! So Ton reminded them that God is every and this angel was speaking to God on her phone.

This Angel did what the the iPad was able to, it created interaction. Tourists now flock to the cathedral to see this sculpture, not only from below but they scale the vast number of steps to get a better view of the Angel with a direct (phone) line to God.


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