New Orleans photography

New Orleans

To all men whose Desire only is to be rich and to live a short life, but a merry one, I have no hesitation in recommending New Orleans.
– Henry Bradshaw

I recently got to experience the wonder that is New Orleans. With only subtle reminders that the Mardi Gras festival was over for another year it didnt stop the Jazz from ringing out on every corner. A place were Voodoo, Jazz, history and culture all melt together effortlessly accompanied with a steaming bowl of gumbo and some Beignets it was perfection for all my senses.

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Stairs to make you stare

When visiting the Lapa steps in Rio de Janerio I was struck by how Jorge Selaron, a Chilean artist, had managed to transform a piece of everyday life into an elaborate piece of art. This brightly coloured stairway brings life to this mundane, urban area and have become a must see sight for many a tourist.

Though this may well be the most famous of intriguing stairways it does not stand alone. So here are my top 5 picks of stairs to rival Selaron’s staircase… Continue reading

NYFW street style predictions for Fall 2015

New York fashion week has been in full flow with throngs of models and designers hitting the catwalk with their latest Fall collection. There were many exciting and extraordinary outfits on display but here is a selection of items that I think will be seen on the street by the Fall. Continue reading

New York Fashion week 2015

Fashion for Relief at NYFW

One of my personal highlights of New York Fashion Week was the chance to see the fabulous Naomi Campbell strut her stuff down the catwalk at the Lincoln Center whilst hosting Fashion for Relief in aid of the Ebola crisis.

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