Perfect Packaging

Gone are the days of boring packaging, great packaging needs to stand out on the shelves and grab the attention of the consumer. Here are 5 examples of products that do just that and show how truly innovative and exciting packaging design can be.


For packaging to make your heart beat faster the crazy designs of the ‘Blood of Grapes’ does just that with their heart shaped jugs that make the average wine bottle just seem positively dull.


Moustache paintbrushes manage to add a touch of humour to the mundane and rather uninspiring task of painting a house or a fence.


City Harvest’s Grocery bag cleverly displays the contents of your shopping whilst reminding the shopper what good food can do to their digestive system. They beautifully show that presenting a healthy message need not be boring!


Whitebites Dog treats shows a creative way of displaying their product so the user knows exactly what they are buying whilst at the same time standing out from their competition.


As an avid tea drinker this final packaging makes me smile every time I put the kettle on. Afternoon tea just got better!

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