High-top designs from [back to] the future

When Marty McFly was transported from 1985 to the futuristic 2015 in Back to the Future II he gave us a glimpse of how fantastic this world could be with hover boards, flying cars and lace up shoes. Whilst hover boards and flying cars are not quite a reality the self-lacing shoes could soon be brought to life by Nike.

“The greatest shoe ever made”

– Mark Parker, Nike CEO

The “power laces” are due for release at the end of the year and tighten on their own when feet are put inside through the use of motorized rollers in the soles that can be operated by a button. They also have battery power LEDs and the soles and heels and a light-up logo on the strap for that extra futuristic vibe.

These are a must have for every 80’s child like myself and hopefully the hover boards will closely follow!


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