Will.i.am dips his toes in the wearable water

Will.i.am is set to launch his first piece of wearable technology that could be a strong competitor for Apple’s watch. The Puls smart watch is due to go on sale later this year and features special edition designs created by award winning architect Zaha Hadid.

The Puls can make and receive calls, play music and be used to access social media platforms. It is voice controlled but also features an on-screen keyboard that uses predictive typing to overcome the limitations of its small key size.


Clearly a lover of fashion Will.i.am has considered the aesthetics of the smart watch suggesting that it is more like a cuff than a watch so could be thought of like a piece of jewellery.

To expect a female to wear the same watch a guy does… It’s hard to try and consider. But I can wear a cuff and a girl can wear a cuff and the way it fits me is totally different to the way girls have been wearing cuffs forever.
– Will.i.am

I feel he has approached the problem from a fashion thinking angle however the final design looks to be too technical looking and chunky which steps away from what most fashionistas would like on their wrists.

These are early stages and I think the whole wearable technology industry is set for big changes before it becomes something everyone adopts but these initial offerings prove extremely promising.


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