Is the age of the sitcom dying out?

After reading an article by Clay Shirky I was intrigued to see if there is soon to be an overhaul of our conventional way of watching TV, and in particular sitcoms.

We talk about the change in society in many different ways but one of the most significant changes of the last century was the change in the way people used their spare time. The sitcom became an effective way of stopping our brains overheating, a way to use our cognitive surplus, but things are changing and people want more from their media outlets.

These days people aren’t content with merely consuming. Society today wants to produce and share and the old model of sitting alone watching the TV for many is becoming a thing of the past, people want their voices to be heard. So can TV be changed to allow for society to become integrated in the system, will TV itself become the community, and will the current way we watch TV soon be a thing of the past?

A clear sign that people want to interact with what’s on their TV was shown when BBC’s Sherlock, to advertise series 3 they used #sherlocklives in the short advert causing mass hysteria as millions took to twitter to react. This created a huge community of fans coming together to celebrate an anticipated event each discussing potential theories as to how indeed Sherlock had outwitted the grim reaper and us, the viewers. This phenomenon was made possible due to smart phones, tablets and other devices but what if we were able to do this using our television as a device?

In future television must find a way to interact better as one whole device than we can not only consumer but produce and share and I look forward to seeing how this will evolve.


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