Is the wearable technology trend about to take off?

New York fashion week has continued to show that the emerging trend for beautiful yet functionally design is the future. Though this is not something I believe will hit the mass markets for some time the fact that the fashion industry is slowly becoming so involved in wearable technology is a sign that things are changing.

Technology is what’s moving fashion forward,
– Ken Downing, Fashion Director at Neiman Marcus.

So why is it that wearable technology is only starting to take off when we have had all the tools we need for it for so long?

Karinna Nobbs, senior lecturer of fashion brand strategy at London College of Fashion believes that “in order for wearable tech to become accepted by the mass market, the design has to fit, but the tech also has to add value to the product and not be a gimmick, which many of the offers to date have been”

This may explain why only now are designers realising that it needs to not only be beautiful but serve a function, people don’t want unnecessary technology they want things that can enhance their day and make everyday life that little but easier.

Tory Burch was to a degree successfully able to do this when she teamed up with fitbit. She made something that merge the functional side successfully with the aesthetic s creating as product that was stylish,the only problem was the price tag was expensive however the finished product didn’t reflect the cost as it looked more like costume jewellery.

However New York fashion week has seen the release of two of the more exciting products in this category, the Apple Watch, which I have excitedly anticipated, and Rebecca Minkoff’s jewellery line. Both are front runners in their field and have raised the bar in this market.


The Apple watch is sleek, stylish, oozes quality and serves a purpose, Apple have continued to put the user at the centre of their product yet again creating something that people will want to have regardless of cost.


The same can also be said for Rebecca Minkoff’s collection which includes a gold chain-link studded bracelet that notifies the wearer to calls and texts on her phone as well as a leather bracelet that doubles as a USB cable to charge your mobile. Minkoff’s delivers affordable pieces (retailing at $120 and $60 respectively) are discreet and aesthetically something that echoes her previous products, showing that style hasn’t been compromised.

With many releases this week carving the way for wearable technology I am excited to see where this will lead.

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