Could social media save Italian football?

Every since the match fixing scandal, Italian football’s reputation has been in tatters leading to it quickly fall behind its European counter parts. Yet they could have a secret weapon up their sleeve that they their rivals have yet to fathom, social media.

Juventus have shown that engaging their fans, on a scale like not other with a massive 1.3 million user, can bring with it massive benefits that many football clubs are missing out on. Recent Q&A sessions have brought about new ideas for the coaching staff following suggestions from fans and their public persona is going from strength to strength.

Their digital strategies have lead to surges in twitter and Facebook followers with 2 particularly successful campaigns capitalising on their passionate fans.

Firstly their fan design choreography encouraged the sharing of user-generated content. Fans could upload their choreography ideas for a stand in the Juventus stadium, via Facebook, for a chance to see their concept come to life if chosen as the winner. The chance for fellow supporters and players alike to witness their idea proved too much of a draw for the Juventus supporters resulting in over a staggering 290,000 interactions.

Secondly, their creation of competitions and hashtags based on individual players led to mass exposure reaching supporters and non supporters alike. Their #PirloIsNotImpressed
campaign was based around supporters sending in videos in attempts it impress the mid-fielder and was seen by a massive 7.5 million people which can only help to cement the teams popularity amongst both youngsters and adults.

Their improvement in social media is a breathe of fresh air and I hope to see more clubs closer to home adopt this strategy in future.


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