New York fashion week begins

Being in the heart of the big city ready for New York’s fashion week, I am excited to see what direction the new collections will take and what stand out trends will be showcased. One of the areas I’m most intrigued by is the developing trend for a fusion between fashion and technology.

In recent months we’ve seen the runway collide with the world of science with spectacular results. Huge names in the world of fashion, such as Diane Von Furstenberg, have turned their attention to different markets whilst not alienating their current one. Diane Von Furstenberg worked with Google Glass on a collection of glasses and sunglasses for Net-a-porter whilst Tory Burch launched a series of accessories designed to synch with fitness tracker Fitbit, which I spoke about in an earlier post. Even more recently, Rebecca Minkoff unveiled plans to show tech accessories on the runway at her spring show.

So with all this in mind will the latest fashion week have us itching for wearable technology or is this just one step too far for the average fashion lover?


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