Is Apple’s soon to be announced product an iWatch

Apple have announced that on 9th September they are holding a special event which should give us a glimpse into their next big product which could take the modern world by storm, much in the way their iPods and iPhones, so could this new must have product be a watch?

Apple is well known for keeping their products well and truly secret until the big launch of a finished product. Whilst many other companies these days are embracing transparency of their information, using social media to keep their consumers informed and up to date with their latest news, Apple still continue to work away from the glare of their public.

With that in mind it is unlikely that they will release anything about their up coming products until the 9th September when they feel they are ready to show the world. However I feel there is a strong possibility that Apple are dipping their toes in the world of fashion accessories.

Firstly, way back in 2011, they hired a small group of wearable computing experts. From the job specs posted over the last few years it has shown that this team has continued to expand suggesting there is a tangible product being worked on. There have also been some big names in the world of wearable technology to join the team, such as Marcelo Malini Lamego, who is credited with numerous patents relating to medical sensors and monitoring technology, as well as former members of the Nike FuelBand team.

Secondly, Apple have also turned their recruitment attentions to leading members of the fashion world. In 2013 the hired both Angela Ahrendts, who was the CEO of Burberry and Paul Deneve, former CEO and President of Yves-Saint Laurent, within a matter of months, which shows that things could be moving in a different direction from what they have produced in the past.

And finally, they have filed several patent applications such as one for a flexible computer display that can go around a wrist, and one that allows a watch to communicate with a phone or computer.

Can they bring their level of aesthetic beauty to the world of fashion or will this prove one market too difficult for Apple to master? The delicate balance of fashion and technologically has eluded many great companies, just look at Google’s recent attempt a Google glasses. Though clever and sophisticated they failed to win the public’s imagination, not even Sarah Jessica Parker, a woman synonymous with fashion, could breathe life into these and recently the man tasked with developing the design said he ‘wouldn’t wear Google Glass’.

It will be interesting to see if a company well known for placing as much emphasis on their design as their technology are able to create a product that both techies and fashionista alike crave.

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