Picasso’s take on a woman’s self perception

On a recent trip to MoMA I was struck by Picasso’s 1930’s masterpiece titled ‘Girl before a mirror’. It shows a woman looking in to a mirror and her reflection staring back at her and up close I was struck by how current both his style and subject matter still is after so many decades.

The subject matter, how I perceive it to be, is a woman looking in to the mirror and seeing something different to what is actually in front of her. The reflection appears to be neither as vibrant in colour, nor as soft in execution displaying signs of distortion. Did Picasso in this piece actually delve in to the psyche of thousands of women showing how unhappy many of them are with their own reflection?

If so, I think he has tenderly address an issue that many woman face every day in a way that only Picasso can, with lashings of style, large, dominating brush strokes and vibrant colour to emphasise the difference between reality and what goes on in a woman’s mind.


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