Legends of the fall

Rodger Federer and Michael Jordan have lots in common. Both are icons who are considered the greatest ever to grace their respective sports. Both superstars have also made their living gliding across their respective courts steamrolling all in front of them.

The legends have now combined to release a tennis shoe which takes inspiration from the ever popular Air Jordan range and which has resulted in a mash up between Federer’s Zoom Vapor 9 shoe and the retro Air Jordan III (a shoe which is about to be re-retired).


The shoe features the famous Air Jordan logo along with the Federer logo and is an unusually low shoe for a Jordan design.

Personally I would have loved to have seen the shoe come in a mid rise high top in a nod to tradition and also to embrace the iconic partnership and ensure that the shoe does not become forgettable.

It would have been great to see the trailblazing Federer wear a mid rise on court and as always the rest would have followed.

Nike have also surely missed a trick in not naming the shoes the Feder-Air Jordan’s!

The collaboration is not just a case of “game recognising game” however. It’s a careful and clever cross marketing ploy to bridge the gap between the sales of basketball shoes and the shoes associated with other Nike sports (in this case tennis).


Astonishingly retail sales of basketball shoes grossed $4.5billion last year with the Jordan range accounting for $2.7billion of these sales. When this is compared to tennis shoe sales (approx $50million) it is not surprising that Nike are adopting a new approach.

Incidentally the shoes sold out within an hour

Game, Set and Match!



The above piece has been written by guest blogger Wizzy, who is very interested in design, fashion and architecture and I would like to personally thank him for submitting this enlightening post.

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