How Apple shows design rather than technology is the route to success.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
– Steve Jobs

Many leading companies today are starting to realise that design led, rather than technology driven, products is what will drive a business forward and make them successful. Many believe this to be the key to Apple’s success rather than just their great technology.

Great design can often be hard to measure, or even appreciate, as it is often subtle differences that can have a massive impact without the user really knowing. However, bad design is quick and easy to detect which may have led to the results of a survey by Kelton Research that showed 7 in 10 Americans buy a product because of design.

Design was always at the core of Apple’s corporate strategy, putting design at the forefront rather than an afterthought allowing problems to be tackled in new ways.

core element of Apple’s corporate strategy, it would have to be seen as a leadership issue; world-class design can’t work its way up from the bottom, watered down by the motivations and egos of every layer of management it passes through.

– Hartmut Esslinger speaking on Steve Jobs management style

Apple’s success has led to similar companies such as Microsoft starting to take on a more design led approach with their recent products. Steve Jobs has already proven that is was his design, rather than limited engineering, experience that had led to the creation of Apple’s most successful products something other global giants are starting to adopt.

Apple long ago realised that design led projects bring with them innovation, innovation can help to strengthen a brand and the customer loyalty that goes with it and in effect this can increase profits. With that in mind surely all companies would want to start their business with design, not technology.

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