blame culture

How to deal with the blame culture some companies promote

Nobody wants to make mistakes in their work but sadly we’re all human and it happens, but dealing with the consequences can sometimes prove difficult.

I have worked in environments that are so highly pressured with intense deadlines that when something goes wrong people are desperate to shift any blame away from them as to why a project has been delayed.

This often comes from the top down and a good manager will protect his team from the finger pointing that can often occur. So how do you deal with working with colleagues who are quick to blame?

I understand how teams get like this; sometimes the fear of being reprimanded for mistakes or publicly exposed as the reason a project has hit problems can be hard and so often individuals can look at shifting the blame away. This is easily diffused with a change in managerial style but how can this be addressed if this is too ingrained to come from the top down?

As easy as it sounds I found it best to always accept responsibility for problems where possible, this seemed to diffuse situations with individuals who were quick to blame others, even if only part of the issue was down to me.

Making sure the quality of my own work was as high as possible it meant that when mistakes occurred it was clear that this was all it was, making it easier to accept any blame that came my way.

Over time those individuals eventually started to share the responsibility in the issues and began to work more as a team, helping where possible to get to the end goal rather than focusing on making sure their work and only their work was correct.

One thought on “How to deal with the blame culture some companies promote

  1. I have worked for such a toxic workplace for 3 years…and suffered chronic depression and PTSD… In the end you start doubting your own abilities. The thing is this is an epidemic now.

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