web conversions

How good design can greatly improve conversion rates

For most businesses web design is now considered a necessity to attract and retain customers by helping to promote, improve and strengthen a brand’s image, however the extent to which a company can benefit from good design is often not as clear.

If the company’s website looks dated or unattractive the user may assume that is also the case of the brand’s products or services. Making sure a website is clean, clear, modern and professional can make the customer feel reassured about using the website and investing in what they have to offer.

However, design is no longer just a way of making a website look aesthetically pleasing, if done properly, it can greatly improve a site’s SEO, lead to better engagement with the user and, as a result, produce better conversion rates.

There are many areas in design that need focusing on to improve a website via SEO and engagement but the main points I feel have most impact are;

Bounce rates can be dramatically reduced by engaging your user through better content and carefully considered journeys which lead the customer easily through the website to where they want to go. Presenting the content clearly, and even in some cases all on the one page, will keep the user on the page for longer, lower the number of clicks required, reduce the bounce rates on a page and lead to increased conversion rates.

Creating better customer journeys that are easy to navigate and find the information required will increase the amount of time a user will spend on the site leading to a better conversion rates. If the navigation isn’t clear or intuitive then the visitor will become frustrated, they need to get where they want easily and quickly and a well-designed website will do this.

Many websites understand the benefits that successful social marketing integration can bring; if this has been carefully considered and well-designed this will allow better interaction and communication with your users. Well integrated social media can lead to customers promoting your brand and products by sharing your content which can increase the traffic to your site and potentially affect your ranking.

And finally, successful web design can also improving your site’s visibility in search engines as many rate a website not only on the size of the traffic but also on usability, content, site speed, time spent on the site and much more. A well-designed site will cover many of these factors, contributing to a better website, improved SEO and a higher search engine ranking.


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