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Top tips for designing an email

I have been designing and building emails for years for various different brands and markets and in its simplest form have found there to be a few key ingredients required for a successful campaign that are often overlooked by many companies.

Content is obviously king when it comes to drawing in the recipient and is crucial in trying to grab their attention with such a limited amount of copy. The right strapline can draw your customer to open the email but it is also vital that the follow up content holds their attention. Short and punchy is key but if you are able to offer them information, such as an offer or promotion, that they can’t get elsewhere then the customer is more likely to engage as you have added value to the email.

Personalisation can lead to better engagement between brand and customer and if the email is more relevant to the recipient it can greatly improve click through rates. Tailoring an email, by knowing what general area of the business the user wants to hear about or what their recent shopping behaviour has been, make an email more appealing to take action on.

Positioning is key when deciding where to place your call to action, make sure that it is clear and prominently positioned ideally at the top of the page. Abandonment rates are often high in emails but in ensuring the user is clear what they need to do when they take action and reassured at all stages it should lead to an increase in conversion. This can be helped by using bold colours to entice click throughs, relevant copy to get the customers attention and making sure that the main call to action is in the top left (above the fold).

Create a seamless journey from email to website with consistent branding, tone of voice and navigation. Once a user has subscribed to your email they will expect to see the brand they know and trust in order to encourage interaction with the email. If they are greeted with an email that has branding consistent with its online presence this will be reinforced. Furthermore a consistent header, logo positioning and navigational style will create a better customer journey from email to site.

And finally, the amount of emails you send and how often can dramatically affect your relationship with the customer. If you send too many you risk de-valuing your emails and worse damaging your relationship by annoying your customer. Make sure you send them at a regular time and date and I’ve found ever 2 weeks to be perfect in terms of getting the most people to view our emails, though this does vary a bit for each company.

There is a lot more than needs considering when approaching the detailed build of the emails, especially today with responsive design being vital, but these general tips have helped me greatly in creating past campaigns and I hope they can do the same for you…


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