Fitbit Tory burch

Tory Burch makes fashionable Fitbit collection

Tory Burch has made exercising fashionable by creating a new Fitbit flex cover that disguises the tracker, making it look like a designer bracelet or pendant.


The Fitbit easily slots in to the beautiful gold pieces and blends fashion with technology in a way that hasn’t been seen before for this market.

Tory Burch has created something that can be worn from day to evening and not look out of place whilst disguising the true functionality of the piece which allows the wearer to track their daily activities and make more informed (and hopefully healthier) choices.

Our partnership with Tory Burch has taken wearable device fashion to another level, transforming our Flex tracker into an elegant accessory.

–         James Park, CEO and Co-Founder of Fitbit

With a price tag to match the designer look, $195 for the bracelet and $175 for the matching pendant, it may seem expensive but finding a way to track your distance travelled and calories burned whilst still looking stylish was never going to be cheap.



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