How Apple shows design rather than technology is the route to success.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
– Steve Jobs

Many leading companies today are starting to realise that design led, rather than technology driven, products is what will drive a business forward and make them successful. Many believe this to be the key to Apple’s success rather than just their great technology. Continue reading

vezo fashion jewellery design

Vezo’s geometric jewellery

Vezo have created a new range of jewellery that is more reminiscent of a piece of architecture or industrial design yet still appeals to any jewellery lover. Continue reading

Festival of love shows a love of design

Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan have shown that love conquers all through the use of bold typographic, bright colours and striking graphics.


The Temple stands proud like a peacock with its giant Martin Luther King quote, expressing the power of love to the world

Myerscough and Morgan.

Creators of the Temple of Agape on London’s Southbank have taken inspiration from Asia with their vibrant use of colour and large hand-painted signs to create a real celebration of love.

Necklace Miley Cyrus

Wrecking ball beauty

TO+WN design have combined pop culture with fashion with their Miley Cyrus inspired pearl necklace which replicates the infamous wrecking ball music video.

The tiny brass figurine sits comfortably on a single pearl, taking Grandma’s favourite accessory straight in to the 21st century and into any fashion lover’s jewellery box.

blame culture

How to deal with the blame culture some companies promote

Nobody wants to make mistakes in their work but sadly we’re all human and it happens, but dealing with the consequences can sometimes prove difficult. Continue reading

The Primal Kitchen graphics

Caveman creative

The Primal kitchen have gone back to basics, caveman basics, with their new food range based of early man’s diet. To compliment this high protein food Midday have created a brand identity and packaging that reflect the style and graphics of the time. Continue reading