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Constraints of a corporate web designer: Part 2 – Catering for browsers that most other companies killed

Following on from the restraints I found regarding time, I found one of the next biggest obsticles to overcome was dealing with outdated browsers that cannot and will not be dropped.

Most web designers were glad to see the death of IE6 a long time ago, sadly I wasn’t one of them. More often than not I had to cater for corporate clients who despite making up a tiny percentage of traffic brought in a lot of money, and so my long struggle with IE8 and below began. When most other websites were starting to look at responsive design or CSS3 styling to add those extra nuggets I was still battling with older browsers.

It meant that a lot of my time was spent making sure that everything looked and worked as it should in all browsers but with newer technologies emerging degradation was becoming harder. Though there were often css to help with this because we still rather heavily relied on IE6 for bringing in revenue the base css often required more work to get it to what we needed.

Most recently, getting responsive websites we had produced to show anything other than the mobile version in IE8 and below proved a challenge, where other companies are happy to live with the consequences sadly we were not. This resulted in careful reviewing of what technologies we would like to incorporate and the best way in which to do this. It often it led to late adoptions of certain techniques and practices when more support for IE8 and below could be found and meant keeping abreast of what was out there in terms of support whilst developing my own skills as far as possible in my own time.

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