Sudden inspiration for Heston’s logo

On reading about the new branding for Heston Blumenthal’s The Perfectionists’ Café in Heathrow T2 I had to question the statement from the Seymourpowell co-founder and director Richard Seymour who’s ‘clockwork knife’ branding ‘came out of thin air’.

‘came out of thin air’

–          Richard Seymour on the branding idea

I love the idea that this is a truly creative team who can come up with ideas seemingly from nowhere, and I genuinely love the concept and execution of the restaurants sign however I am unsure I believe this statement.

I agree with all design there can be an element of that light bulb moment, when some idea or concept suddenly comes to you seemingly from nowhere but can this really be true of a whole brand.

Branding in my experience starts long before the design ideas are even discussed.

A new venture needs to determine what or who it is, what it wants to accomplish, who you want your audience and consumers to be and how you plan to achieve this. Before moving on to logo designs the designer will generally have a good idea of what their branding needs to evoke and which market it needs to be placed in.

So with all this ground work in place when the design concept did arrive was it truly ‘out of thin air’?


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