Kipling’s colourful yet chic suitcases

Suitcases can be as fashionable and well designed as the clothes that lie within them.

Natalie Joos has teamed up with Kipling to create a range of colourful luggage that will brighten up any keen traveller’s journeys.

Adding playful touches to a practical piece of luggage can be hard to execute but the results show that when done right even the most mundane items need not be boring.

web design browers

Constraints of a corporate web designer: Part 2 – Catering for browsers that most other companies killed

Following on from the restraints I found regarding time, I found one of the next biggest obsticles to overcome was dealing with outdated browsers that cannot and will not be dropped.
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PUMA’s packaging design knows the score

Love them or hate them the PUMA tricks have dominated the World cup in the same way Maradona once did. The different coloured boots have been a topic of conversation for even the most anti-fashion person but the packaging by everyone associates is surely something everyone can appreciate.

Whether you agree with the look you have to love the clever packaging which reflects the boot design perfectly whilst displaying the product to its full potential.

PUMA packaging

I would happily buy any shoe that was so beautifully presented…

Zara shoes

Summer shoes that will certainly add style

Now that summer is finally here it’s time to update the wardrobe with a few key pieces. Perfect for strutting your stuff in the sunshine Zara’s woven high heels which will brighten up any outfit.

Beautifully made and with plenty of colour these stylish shoes are my holiday must have.

Tavern crisps design

Tasty designs for Tavern crisps

Greenwich Design has redesigned the packaging for Tavern Snack’s crisps in an attempt to widen it’s audience.

Automatically the brand is transformed from it’s previous image as an ‘old-man’ pub snack to something more youthful, relevant and packed with personality.

Cheeky illustrations and bold use of fonts and colour will ensure that these crisps stand out on the shelf.